cool moving tao
cool moving tao

A Philosophy I aspire to...

Around the turn of the millennia I found myself drawn towards "Taoism"
(the philosophy NOT the "religion"). As I researched, my curiosity and intrigue grew.
I put together an "essence" of information I'd collected via the internet in a booklet
which contained an introduction into the "Yin & Yang", a modern interpretation of
the "Tao Te Ching" along with a "traditional" interpretation of said book
(the 2nd most interpreted and printed book after the "Bible").

The contents are not my own and I believe are considered "public domain".

Tao Te Ching booklet

I have since discovered under the "Creative Commons License" the "Modern Interpretation"
was published originally under a pseudonym and an expanded version is available below.
It is reproduced here freely under said license
(although in honesty my preference is for the shorter, original version)...

Creative Commons

Tao Te Ching Ron Hogan
cool moving tao
cool moving tao