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My Musical Creations Over the Years...
A few years ago I was encouraged to share some of the songs I had written over the past couple of decades (thanks Ana ;)

To have reached a point of being recorded, they all have a story behind them and capture a piece of time. The quality is particularly poor on the majority of them as they were recorded in my front room with a tape recorder. One was my first visit to a recording studio, although is still of low quality as my copy was provided on tape (the days before digital!).

Anyway, I hope someone receives some pleasure from these in some way.

"Can You Hear Me?" Possibly the first song I recorded to tape, around 1991... a long time ago and hard to remember!
"Rose Tinted Eyes" Same time frame as above, on the same tape recorder in the front room.
"The Lodger Song" My first visit to a recording studio... still the same time-frame, in fact February 1992 I believe.
"The Best Thing I Never Had" My second visit to a recording studio... around Novemver or December 1992 I believe. A VERY personal song which I've not shared before.
"Lord Dream" The first song I recorded on a 4 track with midi in the mid 90's. Inspired by the book "Sandman - Season of the Mists", later to become my pseudonymn, and finally a "Dream being a name i go by at common law"
"Now You're Here" Written for the birth of my best friends first born, also mid 90's.
"Fritz the Hedgehog's Lovesick Blues" Inspired from a short story written by a good friend and fellow fan of the band Dr Feelgood.
"Di and Dream's Hit from the 90's" Essentially a tune written by my mates wife which I wrote some lyrics to and never given a title. This version is a recent recording for YouTube.
"My Crossroads" Not written by me and only recorded as a test of my laptop's microphone, which actually surprised me!
"Heathen Experimental" My last attempt to write something original again around July 2009 (Cheers for the inspiration Milker ;-)
cool moving tao
cool moving tao